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Our Story

Hello, we are Save the Peach!

  Our mission is to make make it easy for you to transition into a sustainable lifestyle. We do this by offering products that you can swap with the products you currently use that are harmful to the environment - without feeling like the struggle is real.
Our focus is offering high quality and sustainable beauty and personal care products.
The save the peach journey started with our founder Sarah, after she noticed the environmental changes around her she couldn't help feeling that she wanted to be apart of the environmental movement, but the information she found was very overwhelming and with a sense of pressure to be perfectly committed.
She decided that she wanted to create an environment where the emphasis was on the contribution rather than the pressure. So she decided to launch Save the Peach as a platform to reaches and educate people through a kind, understanding and playful way.
Because we here at Save The Peach believe that even the smallest changes individually can have the biggest impact collectively and together we can help the environment -  by saying goodbye to single used items and turn to reusable options.
We are all environmentalist, even if we start with one small thing – like using reusable cotton pads.

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